Dortmund December 3rd 2016

I will be at the Comic Con Dortmund on December 3rd for the release of the 2nd Orks book at the Cross Cult stand. Mind you, I will have been up since f*ck o’clock in the morning to get there, but I will be present. If you’re lucky I may be able to remember my own name correctly and sign a copy for you.



When we are young, we are aware of our own mortality in much the same way we are aware that the Earth is round. As we get older, our perspective changes to that of the astronauts who have stood on the Moon and looked down on our planet. We stand on the arid plains of a merciless existence and see the hollow-eyed death’s head hover above the horizon in all it’s undeniable finality.

Ah, here comes my morning coffee. Happy Monday to you, too, enjoy the long work week ahead.

Image from Benni Bødker’s Imhotep series.